FISH FARMING in the Czech Republic

Fish farming has a long, rich and successful tradition in the Czech Republic.  We find the top quality products in South Bohemia with it´s well known Carp farming in Třeboň, or in mountain areas in the north, where trout  is hatched and farmed in crystal clear waters of mountain wild creeks. The quality of the fish is well recognized, not only in the domestic market. The attitude and spirit of the farmers give us confidence to offer these wonderful products to You.



The carp is a traditional, natural product of the South Bohemia. It has been bred in the fishponds of the Třeboň Basin for centuries, using the same time-tested, ecologically sustainable methods of care. The local fishponds are supplied with fresh water through a unique artificial canal – The Golden Canal- in the river valley of the Luznice. The nourishment of the Třeboň carp is based on natural food sources in ponds in combination with supplemental grains. All these unique conditions influence the specific quality of the Třeboň carp.

The meat of the Třeboň Carp is distinguished by high quality, a light, buttery taste and low fat content. The unique taste is the result of long-term breeding in high-quality water and the specific natural environment of the Třeboň Basin. The Třeboň carp grows up to about 1m in length and can weigh as much as 20 kg. The optimal weight for consumption is 1.2 – 1.8 kg at three years old or 2.4 – 3.2 kg at four years.


Hatched and farmed in it´s natural habitat – mountain springs and creeks, our trout grows into the real culinary star. Our partners are mainly small farmers focusing on top quality product and supplying us with outstanding quality. We are pleased to offer You rainbow trout as well as salmon trout.


Pike perch
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